Yeeeah. So turns out I’m not so great at this blogging thing. I could promise to be better, but I don’t want to disappoint you any more than I already have. Okay so, here’s an update for anyone interested in my super thrilling and fast-paced life: Left the house on more than one occasion (for […]

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My hair is now a very witchy shade of black (do you even get different shades of black?) I think my online store is finally working – although someone has now suggested I use WordPress again but I don’t think I have the emotional strength to start over.   I’ve been doing some online courses […]

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I am NOT winning today.

Argh why is building a website so hard? I mean, I have no website building knowledge, no knowledge on hosting or domains (are those even 2 different things?) and definitely know nothing about cPanels and ClientZones and FTPs. But like, why is it still so difficult? I’ve been trying to build a site for my […]

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Identity Crisis. Part 1.

So I need to document this (in words only – the photos are too disturbing to put on the internet). I’ve been wanting purple hair for a while now. Like, a deep dark purple. I’ve bleached the ends of my hair before and it went pretty light without breaking so the rest of my hair […]

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Beauty without Cruelty

A while ago I decided to switch my make-up and other beauty producty stuff over to all Cruelty-free. I know – so late to that party that all the good drinks are done and we’re onto the white wine that may or may not actually be drain cleaner. THAT late. So here’s a few that […]

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Dear Diary

When you see the title of the post is a Dear Diary:  Feel free to skip right on past it. It’ll probably be a moan or a rant or me feeling sorry for myself and it’ll probably make you roll your eyes and sigh heavily.   This past weekend was the first weekend in a […]

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When did birthdays become just like any other day of the year? I don’t mind, but birthdays used to be this big thing but now they’re just.. not? Tonight I will get into bed early with a whole pizza and a giant mug of tea (just like any other Friday night) in my new pjs […]

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Life, maaan.

Okay, so what happened to the first bit of this year? How is it already May (and like, almost June?) I can’t keep up – slow down, time! This year has been weird. More specifically, this month has been weird. I suddenly found myself single and I would like to say I’m a strong independent […]

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Life: Going back to gym

I recently joined the gym. I was all excited to go every day and get fit and buff and then I went and it involved a fair amount of sweating and I was super unimpressed. The internet made it look so easy and sweat-free! My instant abs didn’t happen, I almost fell off the treadmill […]

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