Adventure time! (Soon-ish)

I feel like putting it down on proverbial paper will curse it (I’ll risk it), but it looks like I’ll be packing up my life here in South Africa and shipping over to the UK at the end of this year. Queue nervous excitement. It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I left high school […]

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I’ve made it a personal goal to try and save the world one rescue dog at a time. In the past year, I’ve had a few fosters come through my house. At first it was puppies. There’s never a shortage of puppies looking for homes and they get adopted quite easily. The first 2 litters were […]

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Ah, hello blog. It’s been an age. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m 100% useless at sticking to anything, and I apologise to my 4 followers (who probably didn’t even realise I was gone). I’m not going to promise to update this blog. I will try, but I am not making any hard promises only […]



These past few weeks have been so busy. I couldn’t tell you exactly what filled all my days, but I just know that my anxiety clocked in at 100%. In the middle of moving into a new place (more on that in another post), we flew up to Johannesburg (just about a 2 hour flight from Cape […]



Time to do some shameless self-promotion. I’ve always had my own little side businesses. Super small and not very successful, but I’ll often be online shopping, looking for deals and I’ll come across things that I’m like, “Everyone will LOVE this! I must order 10 and stick my own name on it and sell it […]

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Yeeeah. So turns out I’m not so great at this blogging thing. I could promise to be better, but I don’t want to disappoint you any more than I already have. Okay so, here’s an update for anyone interested in my super thrilling and fast-paced life: Left the house on more than one occasion (for […]

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My hair is now a very witchy shade of black (do you even get different shades of black?) I think my online store is finally working – although someone has now suggested I use WordPress again but I don’t think I have the emotional strength to start over.   I’ve been doing some online courses […]

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I am NOT winning today.

Argh why is building a website so hard? I mean, I have no website building knowledge, no knowledge on hosting or domains (are those even 2 different things?) and definitely know nothing about cPanels and ClientZones and FTPs. But like, why is it still so difficult? I’ve been trying to build a site for my […]

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