The BIG 3-0

In exactly 2 months it will be my 30th birthday! I was looking back on posts on my old blog and came across a post about me freaking out about turning 27. Hahahaha. (help me) But jokes aside, age really is just a number. A big scary number. I think I’m more freaked out about […]

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What I’m listening to

Ever since I was a child/teen, I’ve never worn both my earphones. I hated the idea of not being able to hear what was going on around me It’s also why I prefer the TV volume on a low setting, so I can juuuust hear what’s going on and I guess why I always sleep […]

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Update: Year of the Hustle

My last post was a bit of a downer so I feel like I need to redeem myself and prove that I’m not the pessimistic bag of grump that you think I am. I blame it on the amount of time spent on trains with equally pessimistic bags of grump. I’m a naturally anxious person […]

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2018: The Year of the Hustle

I hate how easy it is to fall back into old habits. When you have big dreams of starting the New Year with a clean slate – new country, new job, new friends hopefully and new adventures – and they all fall away with the New Years resolution you made to get fit and healthy. […]

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London is weird

So I’ve been here for just over a month I’ve been travelling into London for work for about 10 days. Here’s a few things I’ve noticed: Everyone is  always running for the train. They leave like every 3 minutes, so I just don’t understand the rush. But then again, I wouldn’t run if I was […]

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Life update: London

As is tradition – it’s been a while since my last post. BUT I do have a valid excuse this time. After years and years of talking about it, I am finally in London! It was a bit of a crazy decision – when you talk about doing something for so long and it just […]

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It’s just after 9PM on Saturday night. I’m in bed. I did leave my bed to shower, put on clean pjs, make myself a cup of tea and get straight back into bed.  Sometimes I wish I wanted to go out and see people and be sociable. And sometimes I do! Sometimes I really want […]

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SO many vegetarians! You can’t throw a carrot without hitting one. When I was 11 years old I chose to stop eating meat and I managed to keep that going for 12 years until I decided I’d really like a Spur burger. I then decided that I would cut out red meat (and fish – […]

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So yesterday we met with the lawyer who is helping us organise a visa for the BF and everything is a GO! We now send through all our documents and book tickets and if all goes according to plan and the visa application is approved, then we are off to the UK in late November/early […]

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